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In the US and North America: New Group US White Paper, “Blueprint for the Post-Deepwater Horizon Era: Timely and Cost-Effective Restoration of Natural Resources that Works for Everybody”, now available for the Presidential Transition Team and other interested stakeholders; The Group will take the lead for industry response relative to NRD aspects of proposed CERCLA Section 108(b) financial assurance requirements for hard rock mining and possibly other industries (chemical manufacturing; electric generation, distribution, and transmission facilities; and petroleum and coal product manufacturing) which US EPA is judicially mandated to publish by December 1, 2016; The Meeting Report for our 2015 Natural Resources Symposium held October 14-15 at Georgetown University is now available; Seminal protocols for industry on simultaneous consideration of remediation/restoration and emergency response/restoration have been developed by the Group and specialty workshops are planned; and much more...
In Europe: The Group was represented at the European Commission’s recent Stakeholder Conference on the EU Environmental Liability Directive and provided this UPDATE on our activities; We are supporting our members, building enhanced databases on case and site experiences, convening meetings related to Best Practices, identifying training needs for operators and developing important documentation to help companies in site-specific situations; and much more…
Other Places Around the World: The Group is engaged through its many member companies in tracking the amended Environmental Protection Law in China, environmental liability regimes on all six continents, emerging policy developments via the United Nations and otherwise that could affect how companies manage natural resource issues, and more...
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If your company is one that transports oil or hazardous waste by rail, pipeline or vessel; engages in natural resource extraction operations; operates in Europe near Natura 2000 protected areas; is remediating Superfund, sediments, or other sites; or has operations that could result in an oil spill or a release of a hazardous substance in proximity to a natural resource, we invite you to contact us. We also have a robust Affiliates Program of world-class law firms and consulting firms. The Group’s Mission Statement may be accessed here.

The Ad-Hoc Industry Natural Resource Management Group, comprised of industrial, energy and transportation companies across all major sectors is uniquely focused on the interface between natural resources (air, water, species, land) and industrial activities (manufacturing; energy exploration, use and production; minerals mining; transportation by land and sea and more). In June 2016, the Group commemorated the 28th anniversary of its founding.

Companies participating in the Ad-Hoc Industry Natural Resource Management Group are better equipped to proactively manage risks, liabilities and opportunities; reduce the potential for litigation; and save considerable time and money by leaning on the Group's resources, experience and ongoing working relationships with government authorities and many others. We are a resource to industrial companies nationwide and worldwide.

This website provides further information on the Group’s work, history, and roles, and we are happy to answer questions and/or provide testimonials from some of our members and our wide range of collaborators -- government, industrial associations, research and conservation organizations, law firms, consulting firms, universities and more.

Over its many years, the Group has been instrumental in encouraging a sound practice arena, notably connected to natural resource-related liability matters. The Group has a strong track record of accomplishments, including: establishing regular communications and practice exchange with U.S. federal, state, European Union, EU Member State and other government representatives; holding periodic multi-stakeholder Symposia to provide in-depth, collaborative examination of the interface between industrial activities and natural resources; and preparing and distributing seminal documents aimed at outlining best practices, guiding principles, and general standards to aid companies and other parties in site-specific applications.

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