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Group Members

Participation in the Group is open to companies in all industrial sectors based in the United States, Europe and other locations worldwide. Companies may participate in 2024 as either "Full Members" or "Adjunct Members" with corresponding benefits and pricing.

Companies that are - dealing with legacy sites; transporting oil or hazardous waste by rail, pipeline or vessel; engaging in natural resource extraction operations; operating near Natura 2000 protected areas; remediating Superfund, sediments and similar sites; have operations that could result in an oil spill or a release of a hazardous substance in proximity to a natural resource; dealing with the impact of climate change on natural resources; are concerned with CSR and corporate positioning relative to local communities; looking to build and sustain natural capital; looking for new and innovative ways to manage natural resource liabilities and opportunities including regional approaches, state of the art methodologies, global settlements of issues, green supply chain protocols and more - all greatly benefit from being a member company of this one of a kind Group.

Among the benefits to Member Companies are: alerts and communications on a wide spectrum of Group internal and Group external developments and emerging practice issues; opportunities to meet and dialogue with government entities on issues and activities of common interest and mutual benefit; the ability to participate in topic-specific Committees, Working Groups and Discussion Groups; access to an extensive one of a kind database of precedents, projects, cost information, literature, legal defenses, settlement and methodological approaches, and more; participation in Group web conferences, conference calls, meetings and practice exchange (both within industry and with other stakeholders); access to password protected websites with detailed information and resource materials; and more.

Contact us at info@nrdonline.org for further information on features and benefits of the Group's Member Company program.

Law Firms and Consulting Firm Affiliates

We welcome inquiries from law firms and consulting firms as well as other organizations and individuals working in the natural resources space (e.g., insurance and financial institutions) interested in Affiliates Program participation.

Among the benefits to Affiliates are: updates on a wide spectrum of developments and emerging practice issues; participation (along with member companies) in a variety of working groups on different topics and issues; access to password protected websites with detailed information and resource materials; opportunities to prepare and/or revise Group documents such as White Papers; be sponsored to prepare an article for peer-reviewed journal publication; have speaking roles in Group meetings; suggest and/or present on a relevant topic in a Specialty Topic web conference; and more.

For a full description of our Affiliates Program, contact us at info@nrdonline.org.

Public and Private Sector Partners

The Group partners with a number of entities and individuals in both public and private sectors in the US, Europe and elsewhere including government, industry associations, universities, research and conservation organizations and more. Entities interested in working with us are invited to contact us at info@nrdonline.org.