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Participation in the Group, the only worldwide multi-sector industry group focused on the interrelationship between natural resources and industrial operations, provides Member Companies with unparalleled support and resources to proactively manage site-specific liability issues, enhance corporate-wide natural resource related strategies, optimize natural resource assets and encourage sound regulatory policies and practices.

Thousands of the world's largest companies in every industry sector have benefited from this Group. Companies like GM, GE, Chevron, Monsanto, Alcoa, Dow, ExxonMobil, Merck, BP, ArcelorMittal, International Paper, Public Service Gas and Electric, Eni S.p.A., 3M, National Grid, Rio Tinto, US Steel, Total, Freeport-McMoran, Dupont, AkzoNobel, Lockheed Martin, BASF, Shell, and many many more. We welcome new Member Companies.

Today, industrial companies are seeking ways to protect, conserve and optimize natural resource use relative to their operations. For most companies, natural resource management means preventing and/or minimizing potentially detrimental effect of operations on natural resources (air, water, groundwater, habitats, species, land) and the human and/or ecological services they provide, as well as using natural resources efficiently and optimizing company owned natural resource assets, consistent with environmental, economic and societal considerations. Group participation helps companies address these needs and meet these goals.

Companies with operations that have - or may - result in an oil spill or accidental release of hazardous materials may be subject to US, European or worldwide liability regimes related to natural resources. Companies that own - or have operations that utilize - natural resources inevitably must find ways to use these resources smartly, including optimizing the value of such resources consistent with regulatory constraints and company plans and priorities. Group participation helps companies address these needs and meet these goals.

Being a member of this Group means that your company will:

  • Save considerable time and money on natural resource management, liability and related matters;
  • Be involved in discussions at the highest level of government relative to developing policies and regulations - directly and/or represented via the Group;
  • Exchange lessons learned, current practices and new approaches relative to natural resource liability and management strategies with other industrial companies;
  • Leverage its interests and concerns over a broader set of industrial companies, including document development and research sponsorship on key issues;
  • Be on the cutting edge of developing information on worldwide policies and practices concerning management of natural resource assets, potential liabilities and related issues (regulatory, policy, judicial, technical, economic and other);
  • Understand and undertake actions consistent with the "polluter pays principle", including preventative action in order to minimize potential natural resource liability issues;
  • Encourage efficient and cost-effective damage assessment processes in order to achieve resolution of claims sooner, as well as defend natural resource liability claims, when necessary;
  • Proactively shape the outcome of potential natural resource-related liabilities and management requirements, while also identifying opportunities to optimize natural resource assets and focusing resources on green economic growth;
  • Have quick and easy access to information compiled over twenty years, ranging from broad policy to site-specific tools to current state-of-the-art practices to legal, technical and economic precedent to leading experts in a wide variety of disciplines (often eliminating the need to enter into a separate contractual relationship);
  • And More...