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Affiliates Program


The Group's Member Companies invite participation of interested law firms, consulting firms, engineering firms and solo practitioners as new Group Affiliates.

Affiliate participation is open to firms working with industrial companies, based in the United States, Europe and other locations worldwide.

Two participation options are available:

  • Firm Participation provides Group communications and alerts on major case/site, case law, methodological, legislative, regulatory, policy and other developments; information on meetings, articles and other documentation concerning natural resource liability and related issues; access to the Group's password protected website; periodic reports and final work products prepared by the Group; opportunities to work with some of the Member Companies on Group sponsored work products or manuscripts; participate in select Group meetings with Member Companies and other Affiliates and more.
  • Solo Practitioner Participation provides everything above but for a single expert who is not a member of a larger firm.

There are numerous ways that participation as an Affiliate can benefit you and your firm.

Affiliates participation permits a firm and/or solo practitioner to:
  • Have the peace of mind to know that you will be informed of major case/site, case law, methodological, regulatory, legislative, policy, and other developments as they occur;
  • Interact, exchange and learn from other experts defending against federal and/or state natural resource damage claims;
  • Access key reference information and materials in a single location, via the Affiliates password-protected website;
  • Benchmark and interface with a broad set of industrial companies and a wide spectrum of practitioners on these issues;
  • Participate in a one of a kind US Practitioner Meetings held annually; and
  • Enhance your overall effectiveness in servicing your clients via the knowledge and relationships to be gained from Affiliate participation.
Click here to obtain an Affiliate Participation Application, including costs corresponding to the two participation options identified above.

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