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Industrial Company Membership


The Group's Member Companies invite participation of interested new industrial companies.  

Group membership is open to companies in all industrial sectors, based in the United States, Europe and other locations worldwide.

We know you are busy and have enough issues and commitments on your plate to last a lifetime. Therefore, contrary to what you may think, you and your colleagues do not have to allocate a lot of time to the Group. We bring information to you - all the time - in short emails or links to the Group's websites -- and we have limited the number of web conferences and in person meetings in order to conserve your time, money and need to travel. That being said, we are ALWAYS available to provide additional depth and breadth to your company's involvement as desired.

Contact us for participation options.

There are numerous ways that participation as an Industrial Company member can benefit your company.

Being an Industrial Company Member means that you and your company will have access to a wide range of other industrial company representatives and experts who share similar interests and concerns. The Group's unique and formidable resources provide members with information at their fingertips -- on an ongoing basis -- so that they are knowledgeable on how to reduce risks related to natural resource liability and/or address these issues should such a need arise and in the context of overall corporate goals and plans.

For a reference list of program features, see here.

Persons in your company with financial, legal, public affairs, EHS, risk management, corporate social responsibility and sustainability responsibilities would all benefit from participation in this Group.

Member Companies in the Group (many for a decade or more) find that they are able to:

  • Proactively shape the outcome of their company's liabilities, including ways to exercise prevention and risk management approaches, rather than be forced to assume only a reactive position;
  • Access information and resources essential in devising the company's general strategy formulation on the issue, as well as the company's defense on site-specific situations, as necessary;
  • Leverage the company's own concerns about natural resource damage assessment and restoration and environmental liability issues over a broader set of companies;
  • Be directly involved and/or represented in discussions at the highest levels of Government relative to developing policies and regulations;
  • Be in a position to take the lead on assessing natural resource damage assessment and liability issues at individual sites, given the Group's strong knowledge concerning worldwide natural resource policies/practices, assessment approaches and settlement experiences;
  • Interact with the most knowledgeable defense bar and technical experts in the US, Europe and elsewhere (without the need for direct retainer or contractual relationship); and
  • Be up to date on the broad spectrum of natural resource damage assessment and restoration, environmental liability and related issues (regulatory, legislative, policy, judicial, technical) at any point in time.

Click here to obtain a Membership Application, including costs and participation options.

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